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Since 1988, Interstate Roofing has delivered outstanding roofing services to Five Corners, WA and the neighboring communities. Our expert roofers utilize top-quality materials from leading manufacturers to ensure dependable roof replacements, repairs, and maintenance. Contact us today for a free roofing estimate.


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Local Roofing Services in Five Corners, WA

Interstate Roofing has proudly served as the premier roofing contractor in Five Corners, WA for over 30 years. Our team of expert roofs is committed to delivering high-quality roofing services and industry-leading warranties. Each project is executed with the utmost professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, and an unwavering dedication to exceptional customer service. Trust Interstate Roofing for reliable and long-lasting roofing solutions for your Five Corners property.

Roof Repair 

When your roof suffers minor damage, our technicians provide reliable roof repairs to restore the protective ability of your roof and prolong its lifespan.

Roof Cleaning & Maintenance 

Maintaining your roof’s peak performance requires regular cleaning and maintenance. We offer thorough inspections, cleanings, and necessary upkeep to keep your roof in optimal condition throughout the year.

Commercial Roofing 

Our specialists provide expert solutions for flat and low-slope commercial roofs, using high-grade materials to ensure lasting protection for buildings of all sizes.

Roof Materials We Offer

Free Roof Replacement & Roof Repair Estimates

Interstate Roofing provides free, no-obligation roof estimates for homeowners in Five Corners, WA. Our certified roofing experts will perform a comprehensive roof inspection to evaluate the condition of your current roof and identify any areas needing attention or repair. Following the inspection, we provide a detailed cost breakdown, giving you a clear understanding of the scope and associated expenses. Our commitment to transparency ensures you can make an informed decision without encountering any hidden fees.

How Much Does a New Roof Cost In Five Corners, WA

For the average-sized home in Five Corners (1,699 sq ft), a complete composition roof replacement typically costs around $16,912. The final cost of your roof replacement project will depend on specific factors such as the roof’s square footage, its architectural design, and the roofing material you select.

Average Roof Replacement Cost in Five Corners, WA by Material

Roof MaterialAverage Cost
Composition (Asphalt) Roofing $10,200 - $23,625
TPO Roofing $ - $

Calculate Your Roof Replacement Cost

Calculate the cost of roof replacement in Five Corners and surrounding areas with our FREE roof cost calculator.

Do You Need a Permit For Roof Construction in Five Corners, WA?

Yes, Clark County mandates re-roofing permits for all roofing projects. When you partner with Interstate Roofing, we take care of obtaining all the necessary permits for you.

Contact the City of Five Corners For Roof Permitting Questions: 

  • City of Five Corners Phone #: (360) 487-7800
  • Five Corners City Hall Address: 415 W 6th St, Vancouver, WA 98660

Roofing Restrictions in Five Corners, WA

When choosing new roofing materials and styles, ensure your selections adhere to guidelines set by the State of Washington, Clark County, and your Homeowners’ Association (HOA). Many HOAs have specific restrictions on approved styles and materials.