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Interstate Roofing has provided exceptional roof replacement services to homeowners and businesses in the Pacific Northwest since 1988. Our experienced team uses only the highest quality materials and follows a meticulous process to ensure your new roof is flawlessly installed. Contact us today for a free roof replacement estimate. 

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Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

As your roof ages, it’s crucial to stay aware of signs it may be time for a complete roof replacement. While some homeowners choose to replace their roofs to enhance curb appeal or increase property value, most only explore roof replacement options when it becomes an absolute necessity. Telltale signs your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan include: 

  • Missing, Cracked, or Curling Shingles
  • Excessive Shingle Granule Loss
  • Sagging, Drooping, or Buckling Roof Surface
  • Water Stained Interior Walls
  • Frequent Leaking
  • Unexpectedly High Energy Bills

How Long Should a Roof Last in the Portland-Vancouver Area?

The lifespan of your roof depends on its material, the consistency of roof maintenance, and its exposure to weather conditions. In the Pacific Northwest, our roofing materials on average last:

  • Composition Roofing: 20+ Years
  • TPO Roofing: 15+ Years

Why Choose Interstate Roofing for Roof Replacement

When you need a roof replacement, you need a roofing contractor you can trust to deliver exceptional workmanship, reliable products, and outstanding customer service. As a leading provider of roofing services in the Pacific Northwest since 1988, Interstate Roofing is the partner you can count on for your roof replacement project.

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Our Roof Replacement Process

  1. Comprehensive Roof Inspection
    Our process begins with a thorough inspection of your existing roof so we can identify any underlying issues and recommend the most suitable replacement options.
  2. Detailed Estimate
    We provide a detailed quote clearly outlining the labor and material costs associated with your roof replacement project.
  3. Convenient Scheduling
    Once you’ve approved the quote, we work with you to schedule a convenient date for the roof replacement and a clear project timeline.
  4. Roof Replacement
    On the scheduled date, our skilled team will meticulously remove your existing roof and install the new roofing system in accordance with all building codes and manufacturer warranty guidelines.
  5. Full Clean-up
    After the installation is complete, our team will clear all debris from the roof, yard, gutters, and driveway to ensure your property is left in pristine condition.
  6. Follow-Up Inspection
    About a week after the process is complete, we’ll come back to conduct a thorough follow-up inspection, ensuring every aspect of the replacement meets our high standards.

Roof Replacement Material Options

Choose from our high-quality composition and TPO roofing materials for your Portland-Vancouver area roof replacement. Our expert roofing team can help you find the perfect roofing solution for your property.

Average Roof Replacement Cost in the Portland-Vancouver Area

In the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area, the average cost of a roof replacement falls between $9,300 and $27,200. The final costs can vary significantly depending on a variety of factors:

Roof Size

The total area of your roof is measured in square feet or “roofing squares” (1 square equals 100 sq ft). Large roofs will require more materials and take more time.

Roof Slope

The steepness of your roof’s pitch will impact the installation process. A steeper sloped roof can make the installation process more complicated and require specialized equipment.

Roof Architecture

Roofs with intricate designs, multiple levels, valleys, or dormers tend to be more difficult and expensive to replace.

Roof Material

Each specific roofing material comes with its own unique price point per square foot.

Contact Interstate Roofing to get a precise estimate on your unique Pacific Northwest roof. 

Roof Replacement vs. Roof Repair

Consider a full roof replacement if:

  • Your roof is nearing the end of its effective lifespan (~15-20 years)
  • Your roof has several large leaks or widespread damage
  • You want to upgrade your roofing materials
  • Repair costs would be higher than 50% of the cost of a replacement

Choose roof repairs if:

  • Your roof only has isolated issues, such as a small leak or localized shingle damage
  • Your roof was installed properly and has at least 10 years of effective life left
  • Minor, isolated repairs will extend the lifespan of your roof

Financing For Roof Replacements

Affordable payment plans for roof replacement in the Portland-Vancouver Area

Calculate Roof Replacement Costs

Estimate your roof replacement project cost using our free cost calculator.

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