Summer Is a Good Time for Commercial Flat Roof Repair or Replacement

Commercial Roofing
June 28, 2023

If you are a business owner and your building is in need of some maintenance, did you know that summer is one of the best times for commercial flat roof repair?

It’s commonly said that there’s a season for everything, and in the world of business, you’ve probably found that to be true. In any commercial undertaking, some times of the year are busier and some are slower. In some cases, it’s obvious why. For example, a store that sells coats is obviously going to be busier in the fall than in the spring. In other cases, the reason for these seasonal ebbs and flows isn’t always so clear, but it does seem to be consistently true. At least, we’ve found it to be true for our business over at Interstate Roofing. There is definitely a roofing season.

We find that we are often much busier during the winter months, and that’s probably due to the fact that winter weather has a way of exposing any defects or flaws with the roof of a building. The seemingly continuous barrage of rain and snow can really do a number on the commercial buildings in the Portland area, forcing us to respond to a vastly increased number of emergency calls. Of course, savvy business owners can take advantage of this by scheduling their roofing projects during the summertime.

Materials Can Be Cheaper During Summer

Supply and demand are the foundations of basic economics, and learning when the demand for roofing materials is lower can help you to nab a better deal. We stated before that winter is often the busiest time for a commercial roofer because everyone is having their roofs repaired at this time. Not only does this mean that the roofers in your area will have their hands full, but it also means that basic materials—everything from wood to asphalt shingles to roofing nails and sealants—will cost more due to the increased demand.

If the majority of commercial flat roof repair is done during the fall and winter, that means that the demand will often level out during the summer. Fewer people demanding roofing materials means that the prices will drop, something that you can take advantage of during the summer to get yourself a cheaper roof.

Labor Could Be Cheaper Too

Supply and demand also applies to labor. During the busiest times of the year, when the demand for their services is high, roofers charge more for roof repairs and replacements. During the wintertime, roofers are constantly responding to emergency calls: a leaky roof can lead to disastrous property damage if it’s not promptly addressed during the rainy season. Sometimes, business owners are forced to call roofing contractors like Interstate Roofing in the middle of the night, as a problem that wasn’t detected earlier has suddenly worsened.

Safety, of course, is also a major concern for roofing contractors, and the more temperate months are a lot safer when it comes to performing work. During the winter, roofs may be slick and slippery due to rain, snow, or sleet. This forces roofers to take more safety precautions, and the work often takes much longer. More hours spent on the work will result in a higher bill, one that can often be lower by scheduling your roofing repairs and replacements during the summertime.

Better Weather Is Better for Your Roof

The roof of a commercial building has to endure a lot over the course of a year, especially during the winter months. This is because your roof’s greatest enemy is water, which will constantly be searching for weak points where it can seep through and cause a leak. During the winter, when rainfall and snowfall can be nearly constant, any weaknesses your roof has will quickly reveal themselves. The cold weather can also take a toll: below-freezing temperatures can weaken sealants and put a strain on other roofing materials.

All of this inclement weather can have an effect on the installation process as well. When a new roof is installed, there will be periods of time where it is fairly unprotected, such as before the asphalt layer has been placed. Commercial buildings have flat roofs, which means they do not allow water to roll off in the way that residential buildings do. These factors may mean that moisture can sneak by the temporary defenses your roofer has placed, potentially weakening your new roof. While a skilled roofer can minimize the chances of this occurring, the more temperate, drier weather of the summer may still be better for a commercial flat roof repair or installation.

The warm summer weather can also help to speed up the installation process, as the sealants that are used in between the asphalt seams may be able to set faster. Ultimately, this means that you may be able to take advantage of your new roof more quickly.

Schedule Your Roof Repair/Replacement According to the Needs of Your Business

We’ve established that summer is a great time for commercial flat roof repair, however, ultimately you will need to schedule roofing projects around the needs of your business. When is your busiest season? Many businesses, such as commercial retail ones, are at their absolute busiest in the winter, around the holidays. Many other businesses are busiest during the spring and summer months. In either case, it’s unlikely you will want to schedule a major roof repair during your busiest time.

Roof replacement is a massive undertaking that could potentially interfere with the normal operations of a building. This may not be what you want when everyone is trying to focus on the needs of your commercial enterprise during crunch time, so it is best to plan it when you have some additional time to do so.

Ready for your summertime flat roof repair or replacement? Reach out to the professionals at Interstate Roofing for a free estimate today.