Benefits of Hiring Certified Roofing Contractors

July 28, 2014

If your roof has begun to fall into disrepair, you should hire a certified roofing contractor. Licensed professionals will be able to install new roofs and inspect old ones so that leaks don’t develop inside the house. The best roofers will be brimming with ideas and can ensure that your house becomes the jewel of the neighborhood. Here are a few excellent reasons to hire a roofing contractor with an impeccable resume, manufacturer certifications and a healthy respect for detail.

Protect your budget by hiring certified contractors for your roofing projects.

Roofing Certifications

Knowledge of Materials

Contractors who have been in the business for several years will be familiar with a variety of roofing materials. They can provide a brief rundown of the benefits and drawbacks associated with the following items:

  • Ridge-cap shingles
  • Lifetime shingles
  • Leak barriers
  • Flashings
  • Roof decking
  • Manufacturer’s extended warranties

Your new shingles should match the rest of your property in style and color. If you have a shed with green shingles, for example, then you might choose similarly textured green shingles for the roof of your home. The goal is to make your house rigorously durable without sacrificing its character.

Reliable Techniques

Licensed contractors will be able to install shingles according to the local and regional codes. In most cases, a waterproof layer of asphalt paper or synthetic underlayment will be installed first. The shingles will then be added to the roof from the bottom to the top. Your contractor will ensure that the shingles overlap with each other for a bit of extra protection during violent rainstorms. Extremely steep roofs, of course, will require extra caution.

Appropriate Supervision

Successful contractors will also ensure that the team of workers at the job site is effectively supervised during the entirety of the work day. While the head contractor may very well be both experienced and skilled, all of the underlings should be as well. Shingles that are installed incorrectly may cause leaks. In the worst cases, the adjacent gutters and attic insulation may be damaged.

Reasonable Warranty Options

At Interstate Roofing, we back up our work with guaranteed warranties. Most of the materials we use come with brand warranties that are effective for significant amounts of time. Should a certain portion of the labor not live up to your expectations, you can expect the problems to be fixed without any extra cost to you. Contractors who are not properly certified may perform shoddy work that will leave you high and dry.

If you need help with roof installation in Portland, OR, call us at503-684-5611 or contact us online. We can provide advice on materials, techniques and warranties. By the end of summer, your home will be the new neighborhood focal point.