What To Do If Your New Roof Is Leaking

It’s a homeowner’s nightmare: you’ve just finished a project to replace your home’s roof with brand-new roofing. The roof looks fantastic, and even though it was a little expensive, that money was money well spent. But when the first storm comes, you hear it: drip, drip, drip. Somewhere in your home, your new roof is leaking, even though you spent all that money on it. You start to panic. What can you do? If you want to know what you should do about your new roof leaking, read on.

Your New Roof is Leaking: Dos and Don’ts

When you need to deal with a leaky new roof, there are things you should do, and there are things you absolutely shouldn’t do. Let’s look at both the good things that make sense to do and the bad things you should avoid.

Don’t Panic

This is a key thing to keep in mind when your new roof is leaking. Right now, you’re probably envisioning your no-doubt crooked roofer halfway to Casablanca with suitcases full of your hard-earned money. Stay calm, take a breath. Don’t panic.

The odds that you’ve been the victim of a terrible roofing scam are very slim. More likely, there was an error in the installation (often around complex features like skylights) or the flashing has failed. Less commonly, but still far more likely than a con job, is that some of the materials were of faulty manufacturer.

Either way, your new roof is likely under warranty (if your roofer is worth their license at any rate) and will be professionally obligated to inspect and fix what went wrong.

Calling your roofing company up and accusing them of being crooks might make you feel better in the moment, but it’s not going to get your roof fixed any faster.

Do Hire a Licensed Roofing Contractor

This is one of those things where if you’ve made this mistake, it may already be too late, but it still bears repeating. The one potential exception to worries about being scammed is if you decided to cut corners and hire a “roofing contractor” who didn’t have the proper licenses or training.

Sure, getting your friend’s uncle and his buddies to install your roof for the cost of a couple of pizzas and cases of beer might sound appealing, but the odds of a shoddy job go way up. Plus, if the leak does turn out to be a problem with the material, the manufacturer might decline to provide replacement parts on the grounds that the installation was not done by licensed roofers.

To save yourself this problem, always hire a licensed roofer for initial installation as well as any follow-up fixes.

Don’t Exaggerate the Problem

You want this new roof leak to be fixed ASAP, understandably. But telling tall tales about how bad the leaking problem is in the hopes that it’ll get the roofers to your place on the double won’t help. Not only will they get to your place and see that there obviously aren’t buckets of water pouring onto the floor, but inaccurate information will make it harder to identify and fix the problem.

On that note:

Do Accurately Describe Everything About the Leak

How did you find the leak? Is it an obvious drip-drip-drip from the ceiling? Did you discover water discoloration or puffy wallpaper? The more you can tell your roofers, the more likely it is that they’ll be able to identify the problem and fix it rapidly.

In fact, with accurate information, your roofers might be able to identify that the leak doesn’t come from the roof at all and can direct you to call someone who can help instead. Imagine that the leak was actually the result of a ruptured water pipe in the walls and you didn’t discover this until the roofers came to check it out.

Don’t Put Off Repairing the Leak

While some homeowners may be frantic to get their leak repaired, others may have the opposite problem. “It’s just in the attic,” they say, “we’ll put some buckets down and save ourselves the money and worry.”

This is a terrible idea. If you are thinking about putting off repairing a roof leak, that’s a huge mistake. Water is very persistent, and the constant flow of water can erode flashing, warp wood and shingles, and even wear holes in stone or concrete. To put it simply: if not fixed ASAP, a little leak can turn into a big leak and serious damage before you know it.

Leaks also have other dangers too. They can cause things like algae and mold to grow within the walls, where they won’t be easily spotted. Water can also cause electric shocks, which in turn, can be a fire hazard. Even on the low end of the risk scale, water where it shouldn’t be can cause issues such as affecting your insulation and reducing the effectiveness of your heating and cooling.

Do Set a Fair Timetable

While you shouldn’t let a leak sit and get worse for weeks and weeks, it’s important to set a realistic timetable for the repair. Worthwhile roofing contractors will make time to fix the issue ASAP, but they may also have prior commitments they are obligated to handle first.
As a general rule of thumb, you should expect a veteran roofing contractor to be on your property to assess the issue within a week of being contacted. If your contractor can’t commit to being there within that time, you should start making calls and finding a different contractor who can.

A new roof is something that you’re understandably proud of, and as a result, you can be understandably frustrated when it doesn’t work how it’s supposed to. If you’re looking for a roofing contractor who will do the job of installing your new roof right the first time—and will commit to making it right if anything goes wrong—then you need a high-quality company such as Interstate Roofing. Contact our professional staff for a consultation.


What Services to Expect from Commercial Roofers Near You

Roofs are something that many people may not pay close enough attention to until it’s too late. Don’t let that happen with your commercial property. Whether you own one property or multiple, and no matter if they’re large or small, it’s necessary to have a commercial roofer on hand. You will, of course, want to find a trusted, licensed contractor who performs a number of different services. You may be wondering, what exactly are the types of services I would get from a commercial roofer near me? Read on below to find out.

Commercial roofing requires particular skills and knowledge. The roofs of these buildings are different than those of residential properties. At Interstate Roofing, we have plenty of experience and expertise specific to the flat or low-slope roofs found on most commercial properties. We also have a portfolio of some past work examples on our website.

Commercial roofers are experienced with different types of commercial properties as well, from warehouses to offices to factories. No matter how large or small your property is, the roofing technicians will be equipped to handle it. This also extends to knowledge of different types of roofing materials and which suits an individual property best. When choosing a commercial roofer near you, also make sure they employ skilled, experienced technicians. That will pay off with all of the following services.


To start, contact a commercial roofer near you to do a regular inspection. The inspections will be thorough and let you know if there are warning signs of water damage or other problems. Don’t put an inspection off because you assume there’s nothing wrong. Your roof may have a small leak that has gone undetected but has already cost you money and will only get worse.

Contractors and technicians are specifically trained to notice the kind of issues that could lead to big, costly problems down the line. By taking care of them now, you can avoid more complex repairs that might require the business to be temporarily shut down. An inspection is also helpful if you suspect there may be an issue but are not sure what it is or how to handle it.

Even if all appears to be well, regular observation should still be kept up over time. And if there is something, the commercial roofer will then discuss options with you. Due to their own experience and expertise, they’ll be able to recommend the best solution and break it down for you to fully understand.


Interstate Roofing’s well-trained technicians come to you with plenty of experience. This means they’re able to quickly and easily spot problems in the commercial roof that need to be repaired. And they will usually know exactly how to fix it. And how to do so as efficiently, quickly, and affordable as possible. This is true no matter the size of the issue, from small leaks to more extensive damage.

Preventative Maintenance and Cleaning

Regular maintenance is key to keeping the roof in good condition for as long as possible. Technicians will provide maintenance according to the requirements of industry standards, manufacturer warranties, and their own workmanship warranties. Depending on the materials, roofs should be able to last for years. The more you can extend the life of your roof the better, in order to put off needing a new one for as long as possible.

Maintenance also helps the roof look its best. This is also a benefit of regular cleaning. Cleaning services available include pressure washing and gutter cleaning.

Installation and Replacement

Sometimes, unfortunately, commercial roofs have such extensive damage that they’re beyond any repairs. Thankfully, a commercial roofer near you will also be able to provide roof replacement and installation services.

If you’re unhappy with the current roof, you don’t necessarily need to wait for extensive damage to occur before you get rid of it. You can also ask about installing a roof for aesthetic value or for a better and more efficient option.

Interstate Roofing technicians know the best ways to install different types of roofs and how styles and sizes of buildings affect matters. And they’re experts in roofing materials. You’ll have thorough discussions concerning the different options, their benefits, and their downsides. And we’ll answer whatever questions or concerns you have. We’re here to guide you through the process so you can be well-informed enough to make the best choice.

For commercial roofs, popular choices include metal roofing, PVC, and TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin). No matter which you ultimately choose, you can trust that the technicians will only use trusted, quality, durable materials.

Energy Efficient Solutions and Services

Interstate Roofing is a Trade Ally of the Energy Trust of Oregon. If you’re interested in more energy-saving options for your commercial properties, this is something you can discuss with us. This includes certain money-saving initiatives like insulation.

Emergency Services

You never know when a problem will occur that needs to be addressed immediately. That’s why Interstate Roofing is able to be reached 24 hours a day, any day of the year. You can find the number to contact in case of an emergency on our website.

At Interstate Roofing, we take pride in our notable certifications. We have earned the GAF Master Elite and Master Select designations, the highest status from the largest roofing manufacturer in the country. We have also earned the Triple Excellence Award for three years in a row. This award recognizes the high quality of our work as well as the training and education our technicians receive. These aren’t the only awards we have won either. You can find more information about that on our website. With these honors, you can be confident that we’ll provide the best possible services for your commercial roof.

You can find out more information on Interstate Roofing on our website. You’ll find more about our services, contact information, collections of photos of past work, and customer testimonials. We look forward to becoming the go-to commercial roofer near you.