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Three Big Mistakes People Make When Buying a New Roof

Buying a new roof is a major investment. Find out what you can do to avoid making pricey mistakes along the way.

Between choosing the right materials, finding reliable contractors and keeping your budget in check, buying a new roof is a big deal. With so much on your plate, it’s easy to miss a few things. While many can be fixed along the way, some seemingly small oversights can turn into enormous problems, putting the brakes on your roofing project and blowing your end budget out of the water.

You might think that buying quality materials is the single most significant thing in ensuring that your new roof replacement goes smoothly, but a solid installation is just as – if not more – important. In fact, some of the worst roofing disasters, like leaks, abnormally high energy costs and roof collapse, happen because of bad contractors or missed checks. Making sure you don’t make the three common mistakes below can help you avoid the same fate.

1. Underestimating the Importance of Thoroughly Screening Contractors

You probably already know that you should be hiring a professional company with up-to-date licensing, but that’s not the only requirement for protecting yourself against fraud or sub-par work. To dig a little deeper, ask potential contractors for references from previous clients, get a feel for their experience level and talk contract terms. Getting a second bid on a project can also be extremely helpful, even if it is higher than the original, you at least have an idea of the market. –

2. Skipping the Inspection

You can get a price quote over the phone, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be accurate. Without a full inspection of your home, contractors can only give you a general idea of how much you can expect to spend based on the size of your roof and attic, the kind of features you want to install and the materials you want to use. If you’re on a tight budget, scheduling an at-home consultation is the best way to avoid unexpected expenses down the road.

3. Assuming Your Contractor Has Good Insurance

Because so much can go wrong during a roofing project, from moisture damage to personal injuries, hiring a company with a stellar insurance plan can make all the difference in case of a serious emergency. Unfortunately, not all roofing contractors invest in high-level coverage. For example, roofing insurance is typically more expensive and extensive than general policies that cover roofing under an umbrella of other services.

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Why a Quality Roof is Worth Saving For

Whether you’re dealing with a storm-related emergency or just your garden-variety wear and tear, roof damage is never good news. Unfortunately, it’s bound to happen to all homeowners at one point or another. After all, even perfectly maintained roofs ultimately have a limited lifespan.

In the long run, how you handle these repairs is what matters most. While you don’t want to blow your budget, sacrificing quality is a sure recipe for a financial disaster down the road. To understand how spending more money on roofing right now can help you save more later; let’s get back to basics: materials and labor.

Not All Roofing Materials Are Created Equal

Your roof works around the clock to protect your home from bad weather, wind, animals and other outdoor threats, so shouldn’t it be armed with the best materials around? Think of your roof as a seal between your attic and the outside world. Without a strong barrier, you can end up with ongoing problems that run the gamut from water damage to raccoon nests and roof rat infestations.

Water damage alone can wreak havoc on your bank account. Besides obvious issues, like stubborn water stains and warped wood, excessive moisture creates a breeding ground for mold. Over time, fixing water damage from recurring leaks can add up to a lot more money than you’d save by choosing a cheaper roofing material.

Professional Installation is Worth the Extra Investment

In roofing, installation carries much more weight than the materials used. Without expert oversight, even the best materials can fall seriously short on function and durability. What separates the top contractors from the rest? Experience, licensing and a proven track record of customer satisfaction are good starting points in narrowing your search down to a reliable company. Because all three take time and money to develop, rock-bottom pricing is usually a warning sign that you aren’t getting the standard of service you deserve.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get your roofing project done right from start to finish. The key to getting the best bang for your buck is to find the perfect middle ground between an affordable price tag and a fair quality. Instead of taking the cheapest bid, let your overall budget guide you to the best option available in your price range.

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Replacing a Roof in the Winter

What to do when you need roof replacement during the year’s coldest months.

Roof repair in the winter is problematic in the winter, but it can be done. Though you might not see the kind of snow in Portland that other areas of the country get in the winter, there are still plenty of ways for your roof to wind up damaged. Minor problems may be able to wait until spring, but sometimes roof repair is suddenly and unavoidably necessary. If you find yourself in such a predicament, keep these tips in mind when deciding whether to undertake wintertime roof replacement.

Know Your Roof Material

Certain materials stand up to cold temperatures better than others. An asphalt roof can be installed during the winter without much risk of damage from the chill. If your roof isn’t currently made of asphalt or another sturdy material, consider upgrading to prevent future winter roofing problems.

Wait for the Right Weather

Roof replacement is possible in cold weather, but it can’t be too cold. Rain or snow also rules out roof work. Wet conditions make it hard for roofers to do their jobs and may result in an inferior roof. Frigid temperatures can create problems such as brittle underlayment and shingles, frozen adhesives, and an inability to properly seal the roof. Manufacturers of roofing products set temperature limits as guidelines, and your roofing company will be able to tell you whether current conditions meet the requirements.

Provide a “Bare Deck”

A wet or frozen roof is slippery and dangerous for anyone to work on. Therefore, the entire roof will need a thorough cleaning before any winter work can be done. It’s also necessary to have a clear space for installation to ensure proper adherence of materials and prevent problems with wet shingles.

Understand the Limitations

Roofing isn’t really a winter job, so if you don’t absolutely need a new roof right away, you might be better off waiting. Have a roofing company assess the damage to see if you can get by until spring with minor repairs. Repairs cost less than all-out replacement and don’t take nearly as long most of the time, so they can be done on days when the weather is agreeable. This bypasses potential problems such as brittle materials, uncooperative tools, and people not wanting to work out in the cold. Putting off roof replacement until the spring may also save you headaches in the long term since the final installation is likely to be more reliable.

If you find that your roof needs attention this winter, call Interstate Roofing. We’ll give you a free estimate and stick with you through every phase of roof replacement to ensure a job well done. Contact us for more information about our services or to request your free estimate today.

Do You Have to Redo Your Roof Before Listing Your Property?

Make sure your roof is in great shape before you list your home for sale.

Before you re-roof, consider roofing repairs. Having a home means having a roof over your head, but that roof can also cause you problems if it’s damaged or old. It’s especially important to pay attention to the condition of your roof if you plan to list your home for sale. Thankfully, re-roofing isn’t the only option when it comes to bringing your roof up to par for a sale. Roofing repairs can be an effective, affordable alternative to an expensive re-roofing job.

Assessing Your Home’s Roof

Before you list your home for sale, you’ll need to evaluate the condition of your roof. The only way to make a thorough assessment is to get out a ladder and take a close-up look at your roof. If you’re not comfortable climbing a ladder or crawling on your roof, call a professional who can conduct an inspection for you.

When inspecting your roof, you should look for signs of overall damage such as torn or missing shingles and holes in the roof. If you’ve experienced any leaks inside your home, try to trace their origin on your roof. It’s a good idea to take photos so that you can show them to your contractor later. Remember that high winds and frequent rain in Portland, Vancouver, and surrounding areas can lead to serious wear on your roof.

Once you’ve assessed the overall condition of your roof, you can decide if it’s time to re-roof or to make repairs. If your roof is badly damaged and could cause structural problems for your home, it’s time to choose re-roofing. However, it’s often the case that roofing repairs are more than adequate to address roofing issues. In some cases, repairs to a shingle roof can keep the roof in good condition for another 15 years.

Choosing a Roofing Repair Option

If you’ve decided that roofing maintenance is a good alternative to a full re-roofing job, you have several repair options from which to choose. While you may be able to complete some repairs by yourself, you’ll likely need help from a professional roofing contractor for most. The most popular repairs include:

• Shingle replacement
• Replacement of roofing materials
• Patching
• Leak repairs
• Chimney flashing

Many homeowners wonder if gutter replacement is also a viable option. While replacing your gutters may improve the aesthetic appearance of your home, such repairs won’t make a long-term difference in the stability or quality of your roof. It’s better to opt for repairs that deal directly with the roof’s core structure and covering material.

Roofing repairs can add to your home’s value and help you prepare for sale. The professionals at Interstate Roofing are here to help you evaluate and repair your roof. For more information on how we can give your roof the work it needs to help seal the deal with your house sale, contact us today at 503-684-5611.

Who Wouldn’t Want a Free Roof?

We Know You Would!

Although there are a few economic bright spots on the horizon, things are still pretty tough out there. The financial crisis of the late 2000s wiped away trillions of dollars in accumulated wealth and squeezed millions of homeowners’ already-fragile budgets. In Portland, Vancouver and beyond, regular folks are struggling to make ends meet.

While we can’t single-handedly fix this problem, we can certainly do our part to help. That’s why we’re excited to announce a free roof giveaway for one lucky family. It’s our little way of saying “thank you” to our loyal customers.

The Backstory

Our free roof giveaway is made possible by the hardworking folks behind No Roof Left Behind, a national organization that connects struggling homeowners with new roofs. Founded in response to the recent economic meltdown by the owners of a Michigan-based contracting company, No Roof Left Behind adheres to a simple, sustainable principle: Everyone deserves a second chance. Interstate Roofing is proud to partner with NRLB to deliver a new roof to a lucky homeowner in the Portland area.

How Does It Work?

While we’d like to give away a free roof to everyone who asks, logistical considerations prevent us from doing so. Fortunately, No Roof Left Behind makes the giveaway process easy and painless. First, an open nomination period allows anyone from the community to nominate a deserving homeowner for the honor of receiving a new roof. Once the nomination window has ended, four worthy homeowners are selected as finalists. Using detailed information about their circumstances and backstory, members of the public choose a single winner from the group.

Who Can Be Nominated?

Any local homeowner who has experienced financial hardship is eligible for nomination. Ideal candidates may have suffered a recent job loss, medical emergency, death in the family or other unexpected expenses. If you’re in this boat, you’re welcome to nominate yourself for the privilege. To send in your nomination, simply use the form on No Roof Left Behind’s website.

The initial nomination period ends on March 1, 2014, and the finalists will be revealed on March 17. After a two-week round of public voting, the free roof winner will be announced on April 7, 2014.

Start Your Roof Installation Project on the Right Foot

At Interstate, we’re proud to call Portland, OR home. Our roof giveaway is just the latest in a long line of community-building initiatives that aim to build on the region’s tremendous strengths. Of course, we don’t want to be defined by a single project. Even if you don’t win a free roof, we’d be happy to assist with your next roofing installation. Call your hometown roofing contractor at 1-888-ROOF-270 or fill out the online contact form to request a free, no-obligation estimate.