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Roof Maintenance & Cleaning
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Interstate’s standard repair service rates are $325 the first hour and $225 each additional hour, charged portal to portal with a three hour maximum.  Unfortunately, we are unable to provide free estimates for minor repairs (anything anticipated to be under three hours). Instead, we will go out prepared to find and repair the leak on a “time and materials” basis. Our MINIMUM SERVICE CALL CHARGE of $325 covers the first hour for a 2-person repair technician team. Materials are additional.

If we find that the necessary repair is too extensive to remain under three hours, our service team will tarp the leak area and/or make a temporary repair in an effort to minimize further water damage.  The tarping/temporary repair will be billed under our standard service rates and a quote will be provided for a permanent repair or roof replacement.

We are “ON-CALL” 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Emergency rates may apply. Call us at 503-684-5611.


Interstate Roofing cannot guarantee repairs on projects not originally installed by Interstate. It is fairly common for water to find a new path of entry once the original leak is repaired.  If our work does not solve the problem, a staff member will return to reassess the situation. Additional charges will be billed as a continuation of the original repair at $225 per hour ($325 first hour minimum charge waived). NOTE: This is for one leak area. Calls for new/different leaks will be charged at our standard rates.  Large projects with multiple leak areas will be limited to three hours, unless previously arranged.

NOTE: Emergency service calls (week nights, weekends and holidays) are billed out at $525 for the first hour and $350 for each additional hour. For emergencies, a representative must be on site at time of service. Once an emergency service request has been dispatched, the minimum charge applies, regardless of future cancellation.  Our technicians may not dispatch and/or service the property if they feel it is unsafe to do so.

Roof Maintenance & Cleaning

Interstate strongly believes in properly caring for your roof through maintenance. As such, Interstate proudly offers Maintenance Agreements that are designed for customers who would like the following:

  • To meet the maintenance requirements of the manufacturer’s warranty as well as Interstate’s workmanship warranty.
  • To keep the roof looking it’s best.
  • To prolong the life of the roof through preventative maintenance, without taking the personal safety risk of working from heights.
  • To have priority access to Interstate’s After-Hour Emergency Leak Response Team.
  • To have priority in service, if ever a leak occurs.
  • Security in having a professional roofing contractor regularly observe the roof, as recommended by industry standards.

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