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Know Your Roofing Facts: The Anatomy of a Roof

The roof of your house acts as the home’s protective barrier. It shields your home from harsh environmental conditions, such as heavy rains and strong winds. But most people don’t spend too much time thinking about their roof or how to protect it. If that applies to you, don’t worry. Interstate Roofing has you covered. […]

Tips for Finding Quality Residential Roofing in Vancouver

So you’ve decided to have a new roof installed on your home. The biggest challenge you’ll face isn’t deciding what type of material will look best, or even what color tiles you want on your home. The most challenging obstacle you’ll face during the process is selecting which residential roofing contractor is best for your […]

What Is a Toe Board & How Else Do Roofers Stay Safe?

Safety is key in any construction job and few workers in the residential housing business understand this better than roofers. Since they’re working high atop a part of the home not really designed for people to stand on, they must find creative ways to protect themselves from injury without damaging the home. One of the […]

4 Must-Ask Questions for Your Roofing Experts

When it comes time to repair or replace your roof—and if you own a home or building long enough, that time will eventually come—there are key questions you’ll want to ask your roofing experts before you sign on the dotted line. You can already imagine that the top question anyone would have about this service […]

5 Reasons Interstate is the Best Portland Roofing Company

Roofing repair and replacement is serious work. After all, your roof is literally your shelter from the storm. It’s what protects you from inclement weather and environmental elements. Not only should you never perform roofing work yourself, but you should also never hire an inexperienced roofing contractor. Doing so could wind up costing you thousands […]

Do Roof Pitch Styles Affect Material Options or Installation?

Upgrading your roof isn’t something you do every day. Depending on the roof materials you select, you might only invest in a new roof once in a lifetime. That makes your roof selection an important process. For many homeowners, the process starts by looking at materials or color. And while both of those are important […]

Interstate Roofing Offers CertainTeed in Portland, OR

Are you looking to make renovations to your home by upgrading with CertainTeed in Portland, OR? Look no further than Interstate Roofing. CertainTeed is one of the most trusted companies in the home improvement business. If you’ve done your research and are looking for an environmentally friendly shingle option, you can’t go wrong. Select a […]