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Cold in the Winter, Hot in the Summer

Are you sick of watching your home’s energy bills skyrocket during the winter and summer? Although the Portland-Vancouver area enjoys pleasant transitional seasons, winter’s chill and summer’s heat are constant threats to local household budgets and home energy efficiency. Fortunately, there are several cost-effective steps you can take to reduce your heating and cooling bills […]

The Leak Detective Is In

We’re ready to solve your Portland, OR leaking roof mystery In the Pacific Northwest, dealing with rain is a way of life. You may choose to ignore the constant downpour during your daily commute, and that’s okay. When the rain seeps into your home and you discover annoying drips or unsightly water stains, however, that’s […]

There Is a Shingle Heaven: Saving the Planet One Roof at a Time

Having a roof over your head—any roof—is something we should all try not to take for granted. Whether that roof is in good condition and can meet your demands, of course, is another matter. Each year, thousands of homeowners in the Portland, OR area choose to have their homes re-roofed to provide greater protection and […]

Who Wouldn’t Want a Free Roof?

We Know You Would! Although there are a few economic bright spots on the horizon, things are still pretty tough out there. The financial crisis of the late 2000s wiped away trillions of dollars in accumulated wealth and squeezed millions of homeowners’ already-fragile budgets. In Portland, Vancouver and beyond, regular folks are struggling to make […]

Windows to the World

When you like the appearance of a building, what strikes you? When you don’t like the appearance, what is it that you don’t like? Often it’s the windows. Windows are an important architectural element of a structure. The size, shape and placement of windows affect both the exterior appearance of a building and the feeling […]

Green Roofs, Gutters and Mindful Living

In recent years, unusual weather patterns, unexplained phenomena and erratic storms have deepened our consciousness for the environment. Many homeowners are embracing the new wave of green roofing in an attempt to take us closer to a greener and healthier planet. Insulate Inside Out Ordinary roofing might not provide your home with complete insulation during […]

Under the Dome

Dome-shaped structures have always been a source of fascination because there aren’t too many of them in Portland, OR. Residential homes with a geodesic dome become an object of curiosity from the moment the structure goes up because in a sea of gable, hip and mansard roofs, domes stick out like the extraordinary structures that […]