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The World’s Most Energy Efficient Roofing Options

Beyond cosmetics: how your choice of roofing material can affect your energy bills. Contrary to popular belief, all roofs aren’t created equal. Around the world, builders use dozens of different materials to keep the elements out of homes and businesses. These materials are generally selected for their “fit” with the local climate, so roofs in […]

Are Those Patchy Spots on Your Roof Hiding Danger Zones?

Common problems that may be causing your roof to deteriorate. Your home’s roof is constantly exposed to changing weather conditions and other hazards that can threaten its integrity. Weather, installation problems and general exposure are all potential culprits when it comes to a damaged roof. Weather Woes Every type of weather has an impact on […]

Confessions of a Weathered Roofer

Re-roof, replace or ignore: a roofing contractor tells it all. Homeowners pour a lot of money into painting walls and updating flooring without giving much attention to the roof over their heads. It’s only when the roof fails that residents remember that crucial part of their house that keeps out the sun, rain and vermin. […]

Anatomy of a Roof: Important Parts to Know About

Understanding what’s up there. Roofs are complex and have many parts. A roof is one of those things that people rarely think about. Usually, a roof is just there, doing what it’s intended to do: protect the interior of a structure. Take a look at your roof. What do you see? To most people, it […]

Gutter Styles to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

If you’re looking to inject a bit of zest into your home, you’ll want to give a fair amount of attention to some of the smaller details. After you’ve added some lovely hedges and replaced the bad shingles on your roof, you’ll want to also upgrade your gutters. With a tremendous array of colors and […]

When the Roof Is a Garden

The idea of going green is becoming increasingly popular and catching up with both residential and commercial property owners. Today, many property owners are making a conscious effort to adopt eco-friendly and sustainable methods in an attempt to protect the environment. Going Green? Why Not Start With Your Roof? Whether you’re considering a roof garden […]

There’s a Zoo in Your Gutters

Improperly maintained gutters can be inadvertent homes for crittersWhen was the last time you took a hard look at your home’s gutters? Don’t look now: You might not be happy with what you find. Poorly constructed or improperly maintained gutters and roofs can serve as safe havens for all manner of creepy critters, including ravenous […]

The Truth About Low-Maintenance Siding

If you live in the Portland area, your home’s exterior cladding mostly serves as a raincoat. When it’s time for an exterior update, the type of siding you choose is important. To do its job properly, siding needs to stay strong and help keep your house structurally sound through extreme temperatures, storms, high winds, insect […]

Proof That Siding Is a Green Alternative

Many homes in the Portland-Vancouver area already have siding, but this affordable, durable building material continues to gain favor in the area. One of the biggest reasons for this is sustainability: Over the years, it has become clear that siding is a “greener” alternative to other building materials like painted concrete, stone and brick. Learn […]

Save Money by Insulating Your Attic

The Vampire in your attic… it moved in when your house was built. Don’t worry, today’s blog post isn’t about a thirsty new pest that has invaded millions of homes. However, this metaphorical vampire could easily drain your bank account. An uninsulated attic can increase household energy bills and expose you to outdoor noise pollution. […]