Does It Matter What Gutters I Put on My Portland Home

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April 20, 2023

Protection is one of the key reasons homebuilders add gutters to their Portland homes. Yet, when was the last time you thought about your gutters or even inspected them? Are they working the way they are supposed to? More importantly, do you have the proper gutters on your home?

Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right gutters for your Portland home.

The Purpose of Gutters

If you’ve been in Portland for any length of time, you know rain is a big part of our culture. It can rain for weeks, even months, at a time. As the rain falls, it comes straight down onto your roof, building in certain places to create a powerful surge. Have you ever seen a full-force stream flying off the roof and landing near your home’s foundation?

Water and foundations don’t mix. Water accumulating near the foundation line can erode the soil and seep down along the foundation. That increases the risk of leaks in basements or crawl spaces and eventually leads to structural damage. Gutters safely manage water flow and protect your home. They also preserve your landscaping, creating a safe living environment.

Why Gutter Size Matters

Many homeowners incorrectly believe that one gutter is as good as another. As long as they are in place on your home, they’re good enough for directing proper drainage.

In reality, it’s essential to control the amount of rainfall and the timing of the runoff to ensure the gutters continue to work well. Different shapes and sizes are designed to handle various needs. Wider gutters are designed for more significant amounts of runoff. K-style gutters are purposely built to collect high volumes of water for proper management.

Of course, you’ll need downspouts, too, to affect drainage rates. Proper sizing ensures water flows down your roof, into the gutter, and through the downspout, avoiding spillage over the edge. This helps properly maintain your home and avoid:

  • Damaged gutters that can pull away from fascia boards and damage your trim
  • Foundation cracks due to moisture in the soil around your home
  • Foundation leaks can lead to water damage inside and outside your home
  • Increased indoor humidity, which can lead to poor ventilation and indoor air quality

WillAny Gutter Work?

When it comes to putting gutters on your Portland home, size matters. Gutters aren’t something you shop for like you do paint color for your home or stonework for the trim. Instead, gutters are usually chosen to match your home’s overall aesthetics and construction.

At Interstate Roofing, we’ve become roofing experts in the Pacific Northwest, with over three decades in business. We’ve seen a lot of roofs and know what serves homeowners well. That’s why we’ve selected what we consider to be top-notch gutter materials that will provide years of protection while being economical too.

Five- and six-inch K-style gutters work for most homeowners. Six-inch fascia gutters work better on homes with steeper roofs. All three are proven systems on homes around Portland, customized for a perfect fit to keep your home safe and secure from the months of rain we see each year.

How Do You Know What Size?

Unless you are building a new home, most contractors will provide a proposal to match your existing downspout layout. As most downspouts drain into pipes underground, adding more downspouts can be a major expense (and mess). Simply changing the size of gutters will not improve overall performance unless downspout sizes are also increased. Pay attention to how your current gutters are performing. In most cases, larger gutters and downspouts are beneficial. Also consider rainfall and the intensity at which it will fall.

This is where we excel over other newer companies in the area. With more than three decades of experience, we understand that Portland winters sometimes bring a lot of rain with them. This impacts the sizing of the gutters to be installed.

5-Inch K-Style, 6-Inch K-Style, 6-Inch Fascia Gutters, What’s the Difference?

Five-inch and six-inch gutters are considered the most common size for most Portland houses. Five-inch K-style gutters are the most common size and shape; you’ll find them all across the country.

However, if you want to be prepared for more efficiency, six-inch K-style gutters can do the trick. They are more efficient at carrying higher volumes of runoff. They may also work better for certain types of houses.

Six-inch fascia gutters provide an extra-strength layer to help stabilize the gutter and a different architectural look. In addition to the gutter size, you’ll also need to factor in the shape of the downspouts and the downspout size to ensure maximum drainage rate.

Who to Trust With Gutter Installation and Repair

We know you have choices when it comes to gutter installation and repair. Because your roof is one of the most expensive home maintenance costs you’ll incur, and it can have the greatest impact on the security of your home against damage from the elements, research is the key to finding someone you can trust to do the job the right way the first time.

We suggest you spend some time considering your options carefully. We’ve created a simple roofing contractor checklist to help you with your research. Read the contracts before you sign, and consider gutter warranties carefully. This ensures you’ll be protected against workmanship issues and product defects after installing the products.

Have even more questions before you select a company for new gutters here in Portland? Contact Interstate Roofingtoday. We’re here to answer all your questions before you sign on the dotted line.