How Do I Find Roofing Companies in Portland OR?

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September 13, 2022

Searching for roofing companies in Portland is easier when you have a process for your search and know what to look for. If you’re new to Portland or new to owning a home, there are a few factors you should ask about to make it easier to find a good roofing company. Consider using this as a blueprint to successfully search and select the best roofing company for your Portland home.

Your home deserves to get the best care and treatment. Here are the top tips to help you find the best roofing companies in Portland.

Check on Licensing

In some states, just about anyone with tools can offer roofing services. Fortunately, the state of Oregon has a licensing agency for roofers, the Oregon Construction Contractors Board.

You can check online to see if a roofing professional is licensed with the Oregon CCB Contractor License Search. If you prefer, the agency’s phone number is 503-378-4621.

While you’re examining licensing, it’s easy to determine when the roofing company received its license and if there are any complaints, disciplinary history, or administrative suspensions. Administrative suspensions cover the last 10 years and indicate whether the CCB ever suspended a roofing contractor due to lack of bond or insurance.

If you want to dive in deeper, click “Learn more about this business.” You’ll find out details on insurance, workers’ compensation, and more.

Licensing requirements vary from state to state. To learn more about the state’s guidelines, explore the full requirements for roofing contractor licensing in Oregon.

Evaluate Public Reviews

As with many home services, homeowners like to spread the word when they find a great company. Customers love to share their experiences. As you search for great roofing companies in Portland, check out what people are saying.

New homeowners may not have experience with roofing, but they have had a direct interaction of professionalism and service. You’ll get the general direction of reviews when you look online. Are they glowing and positive? Are they dismal and negative?

In addition to online reviews, talk with your family, friends, and neighbors. If someone you know personally has recently been thrilled with a recent roofing job, consider this at the top of other reviews.

Look for a Company That Offers Warranties

A roof is a big part of your home. It provides safety, security, and protection from leaks. If your roofing company is experienced and reputable, they offer a warranty. The warranty may vary depending on the materials, installation, and scope of the project.

Reliable roofing companies are big on warranties. They provide warranty information easily and know that a warranty provides peace of mind for the homeowner.

Check for Certifications With Manufacturers

Roofing requires the use of different materials, from shingles to gutters to brand-specific products. Experienced roofing companies continuously invest time, energy, and training to get certified in the proper care and installation of these products. Certification to use materials is critical to comply with the conditions for a valid warranty.

Seek Out Written Estimates

If you’re just starting your search for a roofing company in Portland, you may want to compare options based on price. This is a natural and logical part of the process. If you are working with a reliable roofing company, they will offer to provide you with a written estimate of costs. You won’t have to fight to get things in writing. If you are talking with a contractor who refuses to give you a quote, that’s a red flag and a sign you should keep on searching. Professional standards include offering a written estimate of costs and stating what is involved with the specific project.

Ask for Maintenance Recommendations

How can you find out if you’re talking with the best roofing contractors? A reputable roofing company will have recommendations for both immediate repairs and long-term maintenance. Taking care of your roof and gutters can extend the life of your roof and may reduce the cost of repairs. A good roofing company helps you keep your roof well maintained.

Explore Workplace Safety

The best roofing companies are serious about workplace safety. Ask what safety practices they follow. Do their employees wear roofing harnesses? Does the company require ongoing safety training to keep up to date with OSHA standards?

Safety practices are important to ensuring everyone stays safe on the jobsite, both employees and residents. It also helps to prevent the risk of any unnecessary damage to the roof itself.

Confirm Business Rating and Record

The best roofing companies have a BBB Rating and accreditation. For instance, Interstate Roofing has been accredited since 1996, has been in business since 1988, and has an A+ rating. There are zero customer complaints listed on the Better Business Bureau site.

As you evaluate roofing companies, look at the business rating. A company that has decades of experience and zero customer complaints can give you peace of mind as a potential roofing provider.

Choosing the Best Roofing Company in Portland OR

Researching the best roofing companies is a process. Ask questions, compare quotes, look at ratings, and read about other homeowners’ experiences. The topics above give you a good place to start. Give yourself time to compare companies and digest all the information before you decide.

Working with the right professionals can make all the difference in the quality of work completed and your own peace of mind. As you’re seeking the best roofing companies in Portland, consider giving Interstate Roofing a chance to look at your roof, provide a quote, and do the work. Interstate Roofing has over 30 years of experience providing roofing services for Portland and Vancouver. We are here to assist you with repairs, replacements, and more.