Why Should I Hire a Professional for Flat Roof Repairs?

June 13, 2022

Roofing looks easy—when you’re standing on the ground and calculating the costs. However, it’s important to understand that commercial roof repair isn’t something you take on on a whim.
Hiring a professional for flat roof repairs can save you a lot of headaches, costs, tools, and problems. When you work with a professional at Interstate Roofing, you’ll enjoy a job well done, without all the stress, hard work, and potential injuries that can come from attempting to do it yourself.
Let’s look at the top 12 reasons to hire a professional for your flat roof repairs.

1. Work Is Under Warranty

If you work with a professional, the roof repair comes with a warranty. This means you not only get a professional and efficient job, but you also have a guarantee for the work. If you encounter problems like leaks or other issues within the specified time frame, you can call your roofer—and get it fixed for free.
Many roofing manufacturers only offer warranties on their products if the work is done by a certified contractor.

2. Less Stress, More Safety

While working on a flat roof might seem pretty straightforward, there are many safety issues that you might not be aware of. Skylights, for example, are extremely dangerous. Should you trip and fall into one, you risk falling through the opening. Skylight glass is not strong enough to support a person.
By working with a professional, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that all the workers are safe, following safety procedures during your roof repair. You’ll have the added security of knowing that people won’t fall through the roof in the future.

3. Expertise and Experience

Hiring a professional roofer is a wise move because they have the professional experience needed to do the job right. Professionals have certifications, licenses, and tools to work efficiently and correctly.
In addition, as experts in the business, experienced companies like Interstate are fully aware of the steps needed to do flat roof repairs. And because of our history, it’s likely we have worked on buildings in your area before and are very familiar with building construction and codes in your area.

4. Comprehensive Assessment

A professional knows exactly what to look for to make a comprehensive assessment of your roof. While you may have noticed some damage, weak spots, or leaks, it’s easy to miss other issues that could be contributing to the problem.
A professional is well-versed in identifying construction issues and may help you prevent expensive damage down the road. A complete assessment can give you peace of mind.

5. Quick and Efficient Work

When a professional does a flat roof repair, they have experience with the process, products, and results. They are also getting paid by the job so they have full incentive to complete the work in the most efficient and time-effective manner.
If you’re trying to fix a problem on your own, you probably don’t have the same level of experience, training, or familiarity with the procedure. This can translate into a long process with a poor-quality outcome.

6. Proven Team Performance

A professional team is organized for quality performance on a roof repair job. The team members have done this many times before, and each person knows their role, responsibilities, and regulations.
If you’re attempting the same thing with a few friends, you have to figure all this out from scratch. You might have fun at the beginning, but by the middle or end, you may be genuinely feeling the stress.

7. All Tools Are On Hand

A professional roofer has all the tools for the job. They come prepared to start, do the work, and finish efficiently. It’s highly unlikely that you have all the tools necessary for fixing your roof. Besides the time you’ll waste running around town to get the tools, you’ll also waste money on tools that you’ll likely only use once.

8. Save With Cash Incentives

You might not be aware of cash incentives that can help you cut costs on your next roofing project. The experts at Interstate Roofing are a trade ally of the Energy Trust of Oregon. We can help you understand how you can earn cash incentives, for example, by including insulation in your next roofing project.

9. Fixed Contract

When you’re working with a professional for flat roof repairs, you’ll get an estimate, a quoted price, and a contract to sign. You won’t have to run the numbers on your own or worry about going over budget. If a professional finds that items have been installed incorrectly, they’ll let you know. With a fixed contract, you’ll have zero surprises.

10. Full Confidence in Certification

With a professional roofer, you can have confidence that they are certified to work with the best materials. GAF is the largest manufacturer in North America, and Interstate Roofing has earned the highest certification level from GAF. We’re very proud to have the GAF Master Select Contractor status as well as a Triple Excellence Award for quality, education, and training.

11. Easy Cleanup and Inspection

With commercial properties, your professional roofer will take care of the job from start to finish. This means you can rely on having a great clean-up job, with all the debris and materials removed from the site. You can also count on having an inspector make sure that the job is completed correctly.
If you’ve done DIY roofing jobs in the past, you know from experience that the end can take a lot more time than you expected. Why not let the professionals handle the heavy lifting?

12. Ease of Free Estimates

At Interstate Roofing, we would love to help you with your re-roofing needs. You can get our professional opinion, estimates, and insights. If you want a free estimate, start by helping us understand what is going on with your roof.
Interstate Roofing has over 30 years of experience providing commercial flat roofing services for Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver. We are here to assist you.