Vinyl Siding vs. Wood Siding: Is There a Clear Winner?

April 23, 2015

When the snow melts, you’ll finally be able to venture outside of your house and check out the damage left behind by a rough winter. If your siding is rotted, warped, faded, or covered in mold, it’s time for a spring makeover. If your neighbors’ homes are wearing the latest wood clapboards, you may be tempted to follow suit, but would it be more practical to put your trust in low-maintenance vinyl siding instead? It helps to take a closer look at each option’s potential benefits.

Classic Wood Siding

It’s impossible to deny that wood siding is beautiful, and it may be the most appropriate choice in high-end neighborhoods or historic districts. Several types of wood are used to make siding, so when considering your product options, remember that all woods may not have the exact same characteristics. Here are the top benefits of wood siding.

• Wood siding is available in a variety of style including lap siding, shingles, and shakes
• Some woods are naturally resistant to decay
• Easy replacement of damaged boards
• Premium aesthetic value

Modern Vinyl Siding

Both builders and homeowners love the convenience of vinyl siding. It’s easy to install and repair, has a variety of color options, and the installation bill is modest. Here’s more information about vinyl siding.

• Style options include lap siding, shakes, fish scales, and scallops
• Practically maintenance-free
• Easily cleaned with soap and water
• Never needs repainting
• Lasts approximately 40 years

Which Siding Wins?

Your best siding option depends on a variety of factors including your budget, your home’s value, and your local climate. The clear winner is the one that meets your needs best. If you don’t feel confident making the decision alone, consult a siding contractor for advice.

The Professionals at Interstate Roofing Can Help You Choose

When it’s time to replace the siding on your Portland, OR, home, the experts at Interstate Roofing are ready to help. As a family-owned business since 1988, we’ve been protecting homes from the elements for more than two decades. We offer precision installation services for both vinyl and wood siding, and we’ll be happy to help you compare the pros and cons of each option and make the best decision for your needs and your budget. Contact us today for more information.