Keeping Your Roof Safe From Mother Nature

September 24, 2014

Taming the landscape to protect one of your home’s most important assets.

Hiring a roofing contractor for routine maintenance can help prevent costly issues down the road. The sound of tree branches scraping across the roof on a windy night is enough to make any kid want to hide under the covers. That same sound can strike fear, or at least concern, into the hearts of adults as well. Trees and other landscaping elements that are too close to the roof can cause damage when you least expect it. Try these tips for keeping your roof—and the rest of your home—safe.

Trim the Trees

In climates that are prone to snow and ice, trees that overhang the roof are a disaster waiting to happen. Branches become brittle in the cold and can easily snap under the weight of a snow load. It doesn’t take much imagination to picture the mess and expense that follow.

The hanging branches that make those scraping noises during wind storms are another problem, and not just because it freaks the kids out. Every time a branch rakes over your roof, it wears away a bit of the shingles. Severe weather may lead to shingles being ripped away entirely. If trees remain wet after the storm, they can continually drip water onto the roof, preventing it from drying out and encouraging the growth of moss or lichen.

Don’t Trim the Trees

Hot climates require a different approach to tree maintenance. You still don’t want branches that are close enough to the roof to scrape along its surface, but you also want to avoid trimming them back too much. Direct sunlight can cause the roof to dry out and compromise the integrity of the shingles. The roof may crack or peel, allowing water to get into your home.

Beware of Vegetation

Just like overhanging branches that drip water, fallen leaves that collect on your roof keep it wet and can cause moss to begin growing. Moss on the roof may look quaint, but it eventually leads to molding and damage if left unchecked. Leaves may also get stuck in gutters and cause overflow. Be sure to clean up any leaves you find and address moss right away if it begins growing on the shingles.

Even if you maintain your trees well, sometimes you have to deal with roof damage. If that happens, reach out to Interstate Roofing. Our specialists service the Vancouver and Portland areas and will give your roof a thorough inspection and assessment. After providing you with an estimate, we’ll get a roofing contractor on the job right away to fix up the roof, perform any necessary maintenance, and ensure that your home stays safe far into the future. Contact us today to get started.