Attracting Customers With External Appearance

July 8, 2014

As a business owner, you’re probably sick of hearing about first impressions, branding and all of the other buzzwords that get thrown around when it comes to attracting customers. However, the reason these ideas get so much attention is that the face you show your target audience has a big impact on sales. Did you know that something as simple as upgrading your roof can draw more customers while protecting your business assets at the same time?

Curb Appeal: Does It Help Business?

Curb appeal is usually something that homeowners think about when getting ready to sell their houses, but this concept is also important to your business. The condition of a roof, especially a sloping roof, is immediately noticeable even when customers are driving by. If your roof is cracked, damaged or growing moss, it suggests a lack of care that customers will associate with your business as a whole. On the other hand, if you have a roof that’s well kept and attractive, it shows that your company pays attention to detail and is dedicated to ensuring top quality in everything you do.

The Right Look

It may sound strange, but a quality roof also helps project the identity of your business to potential customers. Every business has a brand, and every brand has a personality. Think about popular chain stores and restaurants: the look of their buildings reflects the qualities that they promise to customers. You should strive for the same kind of effect with your business.

Benefits of Quality Roof Installation

A sturdy roof does more than give your building an appealing appearance. Remember that a roof is your first line of defense against potentially dangerous weather and can also have an impact on your energy bills. Weather is pretty much the number one threat to your physical business location, so the better your roof is, the more protection it provides to the interior of the building.

A high-quality roof offers:

  • A Sturdy underlying structure that stands up to the elements
  • The newest materials designed to last longer and provide better protection from changing weather conditions
  • Solid insulation against heat in the summer and cold in the winter
  • A low-maintenance surface that doesn’t split, bubble or hold water

When your company building looks good, customers are more likely to stop in, browse and make purchases. If you’re ready for an upgrade, check out Interstate Roofing’s website for a gallery of our best work. We can pair your business with a skilled roofing contractor and a team of experienced workers who can give your Portland, OR, location the makeover you’re looking for. Contact us at Interstate Roofing.