Remarkable Roofs in Portland

June 24, 2014

Is Portland, OR, the coolest town in America? We sure think so. This town’s got some of the finest seafood joints on the west coast, a vibrant music scene, and superb architecture. There’s always some sort of weird or wonderful roof to see in the City of Roses, whether you’re enjoying a Sunday stroll through the Eastside or navigating the winding streets of the West Hills.

The Eyebrow House

Yes, there really is a house by that name in Portland. The Eyebrow House began as a modest 1940s-era bungalow in the Mount Tabor neighborhood and remained such until it was transformed into something quite remarkable by Portland-based Doon Architecture. If you’re familiar with the TV series Portlandia, you’ll remember this house as the one the durian fruit aliens used as a spaceship to return to their home planet.

People’s Food Co-op

The member-owned food cooperative has been around since the 1970s. Committed to sustainability, the structure that houses the co-op features green design elements such as a ground source heating system and lots of recycled building materials. The thing that makes the roof at People’s Food Co-op appropriate for this blog is the fact that the roof is edible.

Ramona Apartment Complex in the Pearl District

From the street, the Ramona Apartments at 1550 NW 14th Avenue looks like most other red brick apartment complex in the city. But go up on the roof and it’s a different story. Up there, you’ll see something called an eco-roof. Planted with a variety of succulents and sedum, this planet-friendly roofing feature absorbs rainwater and filters the runoff.

Herman Brookman’s 1927 Green Mansion in Laurelhurst

If you’re into Byzantine Revival architecture, you’ve got to see the roof on this place. The unique mix of Colonial, Queen Anne and Classical Revival elements make this structure worth checking out.

The Alibi

While in no way as impressive as the other roofs described in this article, The Alibi karaoke lounge at 4024 North Interstate Avenue is certainly worth noting. The stunning neon lights and coconut-shaped doorway are only two of the weird features of this fabulously kitschy bar. The reason The Alibi is included in this list is for its fake thatch roof. Everybody in Portland ought to see it at least once.

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