Save Money by Insulating Your Attic

March 31, 2014

The Vampire in your attic… it moved in when your house was built.

Don’t worry, today’s blog post isn’t about a thirsty new pest that has invaded millions of homes. However, this metaphorical vampire could easily drain your bank account. An uninsulated attic can increase household energy bills and expose you to outdoor noise pollution.

Even if you have insulation, it may not be adequate. The Department of Energy urges homeowners in western Oregon to install about a foot of insulation in most attics. You might have too little if the R-value is below 38 or some surfaces remain bare, such as the trap door.

Important Benefits

Everyone knows that heat rises. Attic insulation slows it down, so your heating system doesn’t have to work as hard in the winter. More insulation allows you to spend less money on electricity, fuel and furnace repairs. It also reduces the air pollution that your home generates.

Thick insulation will cut your cooling expenses, too. An uninsulated attic becomes very hot when the sun shines on a roof during the summer. Insulation makes it more difficult for this heat to enter your home, so you won’t have to use fans or air conditioners as frequently.

A well-insulated attic may also come in handy if you decide to sell your property. Many homebuyers prefer to save time and money by selecting houses that have plenty of insulation. This upgrade will help you sell your home faster and achieve a higher selling price.

Insulated attics muffle distracting outdoor noises that normally penetrate a home’s roof. Rain, hail, thunder and wind won’t sound as loud. Likewise, insulation may block noise from airplanes or helicopters. This is a major bonus if you live near the airport in Portland, OR.

You might obtain a generous rebate or tax credit by insulating your attic. Some utilities, state agencies and nonprofit organizations offer such incentives in the Pacific Northwest. The government also allows many homeowners to claim federal tax deductions when they buy insulation.

Getting Started

To begin saving money and improving your quality of life, contact an experienced insulation contractor today. Interstate Roofing uses high-quality supplies and takes the time to properly insulate every attic. We serve customers in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA.

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