Under the Dome

February 28, 2014

Dome-shaped structures have always been a source of fascination because there aren’t too many of them in Portland, OR. Residential homes with a geodesic dome become an object of curiosity from the moment the structure goes up because in a sea of gable, hip and mansard roofs, domes stick out like the extraordinary structures that they are. Don’t let the inevitable comparisons to alien spaceships get in the way of recognizing the very real advantages of dome roofing.

Beyond Nifty: The Usefulness of Dome Roofs

Unlike traditional roof types, domes don’t rely on standard interior columns or support posts. Without load-bearing pillars to worry about, domed houses will have additional space inside for your possessions.

The strength of the roof installation derives from the inherent solidity of the arch, which is the load-bearing foundation of the dome. Dome construction uses the laws of physics to create a sturdy structure that can withstand high winds, powerful storms and heavy snowfall. Optimizing the laws of compression, tension, gravity and normal force, dome installers construct one of the strongest solid structures known to man, so strong that 2,000-year-old domed buildings, such as Rome’s Pantheon, are still standing today.

Dome roofs are easily insulated using a continuous application of polyurethane foam or other materials. Based on the experience of homeowners living under dome roofs, you can expect to see major savings in energy consumption as this roof type moderates interior temperatures more efficiently.

Drawbacks of Non-standard Roof Installations

In the highly regulated business of home construction, roofing contractors may balk at installing and maintaining roof designs that depart from the normal. It may be challenging to conform to local building codes as roofing materials are manufactured for angular designs.

Assembling an arched roof involves reconfiguring standard building supplies to fit specific curvatures. Some parts and supplies may be custom-manufactured for your needs, but in both cases, costs of material and labor will increase.

The quirky factor may also end up riling neighbors who regard non-conformity as proof of extraterrestrial invasion, and you can’t blame them. After all, they have to look at your spaceship-inspired home while you enjoy your spacious post-modern interiors.

Finally, the resale value of your home may be affected by non-standard features such as a dome roof because buyers who are about to spend a few hundred thousand on a new home may prefer the familiarity of staid and common styles.

Roofing Contractors Can Make It Happen

Regardless of your roofing preferences, consult the roofing experts at Interstate Roofing of Portland, OR for new construction, re-roofing and other maintenance issues. These roofing contractors have experience with all types of roofs, from traditional gables to specialized domes. Contact us today at 503-684-5611 for a free estimate.